Tips to Rid Yourself of Winter Blues

Tips to Rid Yourself of Winter Blues

If you are feeling sluggish or fed up with the dark nights and cold weather, here are a few tips to help you to feel more energised:-


  1. Cut down on those rich heavy foods that have got you through the indulgent season: Eating less dairy, sugar and wheat can make you feel less sluggish. Think about swapping cow’s milk for almond milk and opt for goats’ butter and cheese rather than cows. Alternatives to wheat could include rye bread, oat biscuits and rice cakes. And, if you really love the taste of sugar in your tea, consider Xylotol or Stevia as a healthier alternative.
  1. Give your liver a boost: Your liver may be feeling overloaded through having to cope with the extra dietary burden of the Winter months. Foods that can help give your liver a natural detox and get your liver energy moving include foods with pungent and sweet flavours. So try watercress, cardamom, oregano, dill, pepper or rosemary.
How to find Stomach 36
How to find the point
      1. Give yourself some strengthening acupressure: A lot of acupuncturists report that when patients regularly press specific acupuncture points on themselves to help alleviate their problem they get better faster. So here’s a great all round energy-boosting point that you can use on yourself. It’s name is Leg three-mile. The Chinese say that if you walk three miles and then rub this point, you can walk another three miles.

How to find the point:- Place all four fingers of one hand in a horizontal line directly below your left knee cap. At this level, come out one finger’s width to the left from the crest (raised bump) of your shinbone. Press, massage or tap the point, also known as Stomach 36 for about 30 seconds daily. Repeat on the right.

This is one of the most important acupressure points in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that, among other things, it harmonizes the intestines, regulates energy, strengthens the immune system, and acts as a general tonic.

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Also published in the Bath Business Women’s Association newsletter.